RessourcenReich’s children and the well-building project

We are used to having fresh water at our fingertips in our kitchens, in the bath or in a bottle on our desks – all just an arm’s length away. In Cambodia it’s not quite that easy. There, families often have to travel several kilometres for access to fresh water.

In particular women and girls spend a large portion of their time on long walks, loaded with heavy containers, in order to supply their families with fresh water. There is hardly any time left over for taking care of family or even education. Their entire lives revolve around the search for water.

Furthermore, the bad quality of the available water is also problematic, not to mention the sub-standard hygiene conditions due to the lack of a sewage system. The effects of which are dramatic: infections, various deficiencies and a high rate of child mortality, to name but a few. This is where SODI comes into play, helping the people of Cambodia build wells.

RessourcenReich supports the well-building project with direct aid contributions. To be exact, for every child of a staff member at RessourcenReich, we have a well drilled for a family in Cambodia. Thus giving the most important people, children, access to fresh water. Our families get something special too though – every well we drill is named after one of our children.

Each well is given a sign, on which the name of the child from our agency family is written. In parallel, the children in Germany all receive a picture of “their” well as a small token of gratitude. And as a constant reminder that we all share the same planet.

You can find out more about SODI and the well-building project here!