Trade marketing

We support you – from the design to the production to the sale of advertising materials for traders. And even once your product has made it onto the shelves, we at Sales Affairs continue to be a partner at your side. For instance for staging targeted on-site campaigns.

Sales force

Acquiring expert knowledge of the structures of a sales force needs years of experience. We at Sales Affairs can provide that experience and use it to your advantage. We put our permanent sales teams to work for our customers for long-term market cultivation. Furthermore, we can also provide the necessary merchandise structures and tracking systems – with flexible throughput or as a temporary assistance as required.


Brands are built in the food services arena. Here you can uniquely combine both the point of sale and the point of consumption as well as a variety of communication opportunities. And Sales Affairs is your partner to do so! As the largest German provider of communication solutions tailored to the food services sector all from a single agency, we can offer you a comprehensive, full-service offering that lets you benefit from our extensive expertise of the tobacco, spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and coffee sectors.


Telephone sales support is an area with great potential to be leveraged, particularly as a complement to and in connection with your active sales force. Sales Affairs can provide your enterprise with support for customer acquisition, data comparison and in after-sales service.


The right channels are the key to success. Which is why Sales Affairs has built up its own supply organisation to ensure that there are no distribution or availability problems during any of your events or campaigns. This enables us to work alongside your existing key account structures, providing supplementary or preparatory services for their projects. Through our many years of experience we are very familiar with the intricacies of these structures and we work hand in hand with you and all your partners.

New channels

Sometimes not everything you wish to achieve can be accomplished through try-and-tested channels. Many products have extraordinary potential particularly in sales structures which are less well established. Sales Affairs develops tailored concepts for these products, conducts test markets and establishes new key accounts. Sales Affairs can take care of everything from market research to customer acquisition to implementation, be it with a sales or a marketing focus.

Social media sales

Sales Affairs sells directly to the customer, no matter where the customer may be or what they wish to buy. Social media platforms are becoming more and more important for consumers and thus also for you as a point of sale. For this reason Sales Affairs has invested in gaining experience of this new environment and has already worked successfully with several customers in this field. We would be pleased to develop a suitable concept for you as well to ensure long-term sales results in new media too.

Sales promotion

Retail, out-of-home, food services sector – our wealth of time-tested concepts for these and other points of sale has grown with our experience over time. Sales Affairs is thus also able to provide support for sellout campaigns via activation at the point of sale. Our concepts can be either stationary or flexible and are designed to be turn-key solutions. Of course we really have a chance to shine when we are commissioned to devise completely new activation concepts for your product ­– a challenge we can also tackle in collaboration with our co-workers at Brand Affairs if needed.

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