The RessourcenReich ElectroMobile

Treating existing values right is central to what we do, even beyond the scope of our desks. Which is why we invested early on in alternative forms of mobility.

RessourcenReich is one of the first agencies in Germany to provide its employees with an electric vehicle, the ElectroMobile, for their corporate needs. Our FIAT 500 with an electric drive system is quite popular with all our staff, who need to get around in a flexible, low-stress and emissions-free way.

The RessourcenReich ElectroMobile is a converted FIAT 500. The old drive system, which used a small gasoline-powered engine, has been fully replaced with an electric drive system and battery. This makes the sporty little city car not only great for the environment, but also a great lot of fun to drive. And the agency is proud to be able to do justice to its own name in terms of the environment as well.

RessourcenReich is full power ahead for environmental protection too!

You can read more on the e-FIAT project in our blog and on our partner’s website!